Certified Water Technologists Code of Ethics

I hereby: 

  1. Recognize and acknowledge that the proper control of industrial water treatment problems can be critical to the safety and welfare of the general public and industrial facilities.
  2. Recognize and acknowledge that the control of industrial water treatment problems is obligatory to maximize conservation of our material resources and to reduce economic losses.
  3. Recognize and acknowledge that the entire field of industrial water treatment encompasses the application of the knowledge and experience of many diverse disciplines and levels of technical competence which must often be consulted.
  4. Recognize and acknowledge that only through continual association and cooperation with others in this field can the safest and most economical solutions be found to the many types of industrial water treatment problems.
  5. Recognize and acknowledge that the quality of my work reflects on the entire industrial water treatment profession.

For these reasons I: 

  1. Agree to give first consideration in my water treatment work to safety and public welfare.
  2. Agree to apply myself with diligence and responsibility to the water treatment work that lies within my area of competence.
  3. Agree to pursue my work with fairness, honesty, integrity and courtesy, ever mindful of the best interests of the public, my employer, and of fellow workers in the field of industrial water treatment.
  4. Agree to not represent myself to be proficient or make recommendations in phases of water treatment work in which I am not qualified by knowledge and experience.
  5. Agree to avoid and discourage untrue, sensational, exaggerated, or unwarranted statements regarding my work or products in oral presentations, written texts, or advertising media.
  6. Agree to treat as confidential my knowledge of the business affairs or technical process of clients, employers, or customers when their interests so require.
  7. Agree to inform clients or employers of any business affiliations, interests, or connections which might influence my judgment.
  8. Agree to uphold, foster, and contribute to the achievement of the published objectives of the Association of Water Technologies.

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