Why The Blender Matters

World-Class Water Treatment with Unparalleled Support

When it comes to choosing your blender, you need a capable, trustworthy business partner with the expertise to help your business grow. That's where QualiChem comes in. As an experienced custom water treatment blender, QualiChem provides you with access to world class manufacturing, expert support, and the latest technology. If your blender isn't providing you with a foundation for success, look no further than QualiChem.

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See the Difference with QualiChem
  • Private Label Blending Coast to Coast

    Providing our industry-recognized benefits and services with blending plants located in Salem, VA and Verdi, NV.

  • Formulatory Expertise

    Application specific custom formulations designed to meet your needs and your customers needs.

  • Best in Class Manufacturing

    ISO 9001:2015 certified and weight based manufacturing, product specific QC testing, and repeatable business processes that deliver consistent quality with every batch.

  • No Direct Sales

    Our only clients are the private label partners that we support and protect. QualiChem does not sell direct nor is financially affiliated with any company that does.

  • We Speak Your Language

    With our extensive field experience, the QualiChem team knows how to support you with technical problems and sales efforts at your customer locations.

  • Raising the Bar

    We’re devoted to providing the best service and support in the Water Treatment Sector. We won’t try to define how you do business--where and what you sell is up to you.

  • Continuous New Product Development

    QualiChem works closely with suppliers to develop innovative formulated products with ongoing efforts to find new technologies and raw materials.

  • Purchasing

    We pass on the benefits of maximizing our purchasing volumes to you, our private label partner, and work to secure supply and cost stability from our suppliers.