QualiChem Celebrates Industrial Water Week

In the world of water treatment, one event stands out as a hub of innovation and knowledge sharing; Industrial Water Week. Hosted by James McDonald and the Industrial Water Treatment Group, this annual celebration brings together professionals, experts, and enthusiasts to delve into the depths of our industry.

At QualiChem, we’re proud to be part of the Industrial Water Treatment community that shares our passion for advancing water treatment solutions. While we may not be the hosts of this event, we wholeheartedly support and celebrate the principles that Industrial Water Week stands for.

What is Industrial Water Week?

Industrial Water Week is a grassroots, open-source, unaffiliated, global celebration of industrial water treatment and those who practice it. Taking place during the first week of October, the event is dedicated to advancing our understanding of water treatment and its crucial role in various industries.

Industrial Water Week

Why We’re Excited

Industrial Water Week aligns perfectly with our commitment to excellence and innovation in water treatment solutions. While this may take place one week out of the year; for us, every day is a chance to innovate, educate, and deliver top-tier water treatment solutions to our customers.

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Industrial Water Week celebrates innovation, knowledge sharing, and excellence in our industry. Explore how QualiChem delivers on these promises every day for our customers.
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