Employee Spotlight: Rebecca Smith, Plant Engineer

QualiChem is an organization that thrives because of its employees and their high standards of performance. Step into the world of Plant Engineer Rebecca Smith. With nearly seven years of experience at QualiChem, her dedication has been a vital factor in the growth of our company.

Headshot of Rebecca Smith

A Look Into Plant Engineering at QualiChem

Rebecca began her journey with our team in 2016, right around the time when QualiChem opened its second facility. Since then, she has been instrumental in overseeing the engineering operations across all five of our facilities: four in Salem, Virginia, and one in Reno, Nevada.

“I manage tasks like daily maintenance and repairs. Sometimes I fix small-scale equipment; other times, I coordinate and implement high-budget projects. I also work closely with contractors for projects and ensure that all maintenance needs are quickly addressed.” From planning to implementation, Rebecca is deeply involved in designing, scheduling, and implementing important projects.

Quality People, Products, & Services

“QualiChem fosters a team-oriented environment where everyone is encouraged to take ownership of their roles and make decisions independently, but also to ask for help when needed,” Rebecca states.

Rebecca partners with colleagues across departments to foster an environment that enables the team to succeed. She believes that effective cross-functional teamwork allows for a supportive work environment, shared knowledge, and common goals for employees. With Rebecca’s collaborative spirit and problem-solving skills, she ensures the optimal functioning of QualiChem’s production facilities and significantly contributes to the overall success of our entire organization.

Outside of work, Rebecca enjoys spending time with her husband and their six children. She often likes to relax on her property, which provides a serene escape with lots of opportunities for outdoor activities. Rebecca is currently pursuing an MBA, a testament to her commitment to personal and professional growth.

Rebecca’s influence exemplifies the heart of teamwork and innovation; we’re focused on nurturing a dynamic team of individuals like her to continue our growth.