2013 Regulatory Update for GHS


The first set of requirements for complying with the Global Harmonized System, or GHS as it is known, are rapidly approaching later this year. GHS will require major changes to the hazard classifications of chemicals used in our market, along with major updates to MSDS’s and labels. This impacts any company that manufactures OR handles chemicals and will also bring a large cost of compliance as well.

QualiChem is already ramping up our efforts to get our customers in compliance for 2013 and to meet the upcoming requirements of GHS for 2015. We have put together a FAQ to help educate you about the basic requirements of the regulatory change.

Please click here to access this information.

While there are many consulting firms and safety organizations that are offering GHS compliance services for a fee, QualiChem will be supporting our customers at no cost for this compliance service.

Webinars will be offered later this year to satisfy the training requirement. QualiChem will also ensure that all product labels and SDS’s will be in compliance under the new regulation.

If you would like more information on our GHS services, please contact us by email or call (540) 444-5819 for more information.

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