Advantages of a Fluorescent Monitoring System


fluorescent_test_tube_cropped_for_webMaintaining the proper amount of chemical feed is critical to operating an effective water treatment system. Efficient and automated testing and monitoring of chemicals can lead to lower operating costs and higher system performance. One option for better control and testing of chemical treatment levels is utilizing products that include a fluorescent tracer.

Let’s take a closer look at fluorescent dye markers, evaluate the benefits of this monitoring system, and explore some new products that reduce the cost of entry.

 What is a Fluorescent Dye Marker?

A fluorescent dye marker is considered a label used to identify the presence of a particular molecule within an identified area. A flourophore is covalently attached to another molecule to effectively track it’s course and presence.

QualiChem’s FluoroTraceTM Products contain a fluorescent dye that is blended into the treatment product at a very precise ratio so the product treatment level can be measured and controlled.  The dyes are measured at ppb (parts per billion) levels that are proportional to the control ranges desired for each product.

Monitoring Fluorescent Dyes

There are several monitors and controllers that have been developed to measure the level of fluorescent dye in boiler or cooling water. Options range from handheld fluorometers that are small, lightweight, durable devices that take quick measurements in the field to automated controllers that use an inline probe to measure and control the level of treatment product in a system.

Key Benefits of FluoroTrace

  1. Reduce service timeTesting with a fluorometer removes reagents from the process, which significantly reduces the time required to measure treatment levels. The test is very simple to run and produces very results.
  2. Achieve increased performanceWater treatment programs are designed to be fed at specific levels. Underfeeding or overfeeding of chemicals can cause performance issues so having a system in place that allows for accurate monitoring and testing is critical. Fluorescent monitoring ensures that chemicals are fed at the desired rate to produce optimum performance.

New, Cost Effective Fluorometers

In the past, fluorometers have been expensive and a barrier to using products with fluorescent tracers. Fortunately, Turner Design has come out with a pair of lower cost products that are about half the cost of the other fluorometers on the market

The Handheld Little Dipper is Turner’s new handheld fluorometer. This meter is portable, cost effective, and easy to use for testing in the field by a service rep or customer.

The Turner Designs Little Dipper 2 is an in-line fluorometer that provides a 4-20mA output signal proportional to the level of dye in the system.  This fluorometer is available as a standard option with many cooling tower controllers to provide automated control for FluoroTraceTM products.

You can find additional product information on the Turner Design website.

Questions About FluoroTrace?

For additional information on QualiChem’s FluoroTrace products, contact us today.