CWT Spotlight – Jeremy Stokes

Jeremy Stokes, Technical Product Manager at QualiChem, Inc. is featured in the summer issue of The Analyst. In this issue, Jeremy is interviewed in the CWT Spotlight section, an area of the magazine that inquires about various aspects of becoming a Certified Water Technologist.

What prompted you to obtain your CWT and when did you begin the process by taking the test?

After steering my career path towards water treatment, I was fortunate enough to attend the Technical Training Seminar. It was at this time I realized the breadth of knowledge available in our industry, the importance of the AWT organization, and the value of becoming a CWT. I quickly made obtaining certification a professional goal. Joining the group at QualiChem allowed me to work alongside a number of experienced CWT’s and continue to work toward my goal of becoming a CWT.

What advice would you give those thinking about taking the exam?

Study! Set a plan and allow yourself time to study and practice. There are so many resources available to AWT members, and I believe it was critical to use all of these resources as I prepared for the exam. The Technical Training Seminar was certainly helpful. The AWT Technical Reference & Training Manual is a great resource as well. AWT also has a number of educational resources available on the website, including Analyst articles and practice quizzes that I found extremely valuable in preparing for the exam.

What was the most difficult aspect of the exam?

The most difficult aspect of the exam was the large number of questions and potential 4-hour test length. I imagine for many taking the exam that it has been quite a long time since we’ve had to prepare for that type of test. Getting past the initial mental challenge of the test size was difficult. A critical piece of advice I was given was to not dwell on any one question, to get through as many questions as possible knowing that there would be time to go back through any questions where I was unsure of the answer.

Why do you feel this credential was important to have?

Being a CWT shows your customers and industry peers that you are committed to your craft. You have to continue to gain experience, participate in the AWT organization, and stay committed to ongoing education in order to maintain your CWT. I believe the industry recognizes the importance of the certification and being a CWT sets you apart from others in the business.

Article used by permission from the Association of Water Technologists who publishes the quarterly magazine, The Analyst.

QualiChem is a private label formulating manufacturer of water treatment chemicals with coverage across North America. QualiChem was recognized by the AWT membership in 2016 as Supplier of the Year for outstanding customer service, quality of product, and contributions to the industry.  Our ISO 9001:2015 processes, technical and sales support by our multiple CWT’s on staff, and our “no direct sales” approach, results in a product offering for regional sales and service companies unparalleled in the industry.