New Biocide Product Introduction

BWA recently introduced Bellacide 301 to the water treatment market. QualiChem is an authorized blender of both the Bellacide 301 and 355 products. We are pleased to announce that we will be offering these products to water treatment companies throughout the U.S.

Bellacide 301 is a newly developed biocide that is a blend of TTPC and ammonium quat. It is an evolution of the popular Bellacide 355 TTPC based product that has been used for several years with excellent results.

Bellacide 301 is an extremely effective non-oxidizer for cooling towers that shows excellent synergy when used with oxidizers. Bellacide 355 is primarily used in closed loops and heavily fouled cooling towers.

Bellacide 301 Benefits:

  • Excellent broad spectrum bio control in cooling towers
  • Synergistic with oxidizers for lower overall treatment costs
  • Bio dispersing tendency controls biofilm to maintain system cleanliness

Please contact us for further information on these products.