Cooling Products

We manufacture private label cooling products for the treatment of cooling towers and other types of cooling systems.

Open Recirculating System Treatments

Custom designed for the water conditions, whether corrosive or scaling. Flourescent (PTSA) tracing offers ease of monitoring and control

Sets of cooling towers in data center building.
Insulated water pipes and pumps for the HVAC system for a large office complex.

Closed Loop System Treatments

Designed for the unique demands of hot water and chilled water systems. Various inorganic and organic chemistries can be used depending on the system, such as with steel or aluminum based systems

More Cooling Products

  • Cooling System Cleanup Products — For organic and inorganic foulants and the cleanup of older or neglected systems. Acidic and neutral pH formulas available
  • Startup Products for Pre-Cleaning and Passivation — Products that are used in the commissioning of new systems and also for the control of white rust on new galvanized towers
  • Miscellaneous Systems — We offer both once-through treatments and potable products
Chiller Room
a close-up image of a large industrial air conditioning or cooling unit with metal fins and protective grilles, typically found on the exterior of a commercial building.

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